About Us

Our Mission

Under the authority of the Board of Police Commissioners, the Office of Community Complaints (“Office”) is a non-police, civilian oversight agency. The Office has been charged with the responsibility of protecting the citizen from the possibility of abuse or misconduct on the part of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. The Office is also entrusted with the duty to protect members of the police department from unjust and unfair accusations. The Office of Community Complaints is committed to effectively and impartially resolving all complaints involving a citizen’s guaranteed right to fair and efficient police protection.

In fulfillment of its mission, the Office has pledged: 

  • To encourage members of the community to file complaints when they feel they have experienced police misconduct. 
  • To encourage active participation by all parties in the complaint process. 
  • To examine carefully each investigative file so as to insure that all efforts have been made to resolve the complaint. 
  • To review all complaints with complete objectivity and impartiality. 
  • To respect and protect the rights of both the citizen and the subject officer. 
  • To engage in community outreach throughout Kansas City, Missouri to educate the general public concerning the agency’s purpose. 
  • To report to the Board of Police Commissioners any patterns of misconduct which are uncovered as a result of investigations and complaint review. 
  • To report to the Board of Police Commissioners any and all relevant issues and policy matters that may arise. 
  • To proactively identify trends that may need to be addressed by the Regional Police Academy for officer training.